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Saturday, 7 April 2012

BareMinerals bare escentuals illuminating mineral veil

 i wanted to give my skin a breather and allow it to recover and i thought what better than to replace my foundation with just powder. i would've gone bare faced but I'm just not brave enough >.<. that's when i thought of trying my first ever BareMinerals product since there suppose to be generous on the skin.

i went in to John Lewis and purchased this for £18 and i was told the illuminating one will give a glow to the face. However due to my was naivety, i wasted money once again! (we learn from mistakes right? well only thing is i make TOO many of them!) i came home to realise the powder doesn't give a natural type of glow but a glittery one.

This is how it looks under natural room light. Nice and dewy right? 

 Don't be fooled. This is what it looks like under artificial light, this is probably what it looks like under direct sunlight but I'm afraid i cant test that. the weather hasn't been so lovely here in the UK.

You can clearly see the shimmers as opposed to the first pic i uploaded of the pot under normal light.

this is what it looks like under artificial light. i know the camera hasn't quite picked it up but it looks glittery rather than shimmery and glowy. 

I'm not saying this is a bad powder but its just not my preference. i do love the dewy look but i would hate to have obvious glitter all across face, in my eyes that is unflattering.

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