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Friday, 13 April 2012

Mac Strobe Hydrant Cream

Blended into skin (left). Cream (right)

This is perfect for those dull days when you want your skin to look a little more dewy and this gives the perfect glow. This allows foundation to glide on lovely. I purchased the small tube from a MAC store for £12 since this is my first time purchasing and i just wanted to trial this product.
This is also a perfect solution for those drier foundations. I mix in a little with the foundation or apply it onto the skin and immediately apply the foundation above so while i buff the foundation is blends right with the strobe cream.
I chose to get the cream over the liquid as i feel the creams maybe a little more hydrant? Just my theory, correct me if I'm wrong. Also Nicki from pixiwoo said the liquid has more of a purple radiance to it. Since I'm more warm toned i decided to avoid that. I love how this product give that subtle glow without looking all glittery (which i hate!). This really is a life saver.

Rated 4 out of 5

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