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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman (Pixiwoo)

i have both the starter and core set. I also purchased the stippling, foundation and shading brush which are sold separately. i placed these on the left hand side of the brush case where there are additional spaces left for extra brushes.
these brushes are synthetic taklon bristles meaning they are 100% cruelty free. there is much more information available on www.realtechniquues.com

i purchased my brushes from boots since i saw the 3 for 2 offer so i thought what better time than now to take advantage of the offer and purchase these sets. the sets currently retail for £21.99 each.
stippling brush - £11.99
foundation brush - £9.99
shading brush - £7.99
of course the price range may vary according to where your purchasing from.

these brushes are unbelievably soft considering how affordable they are! i cant believe i didn't purchase this earlier when i first started make up. feels like i wasted so much money before because once you buy these sets you really wouldn't need any other brushes or brush sets. to be honest these brushes are all you'll need. of course these brushes don't have to directly be used for the purpose they precisely selected for; you could actually use each brush for  multipurpose uses.

of course theirs downsides to this, after all nothing is perfect. nonetheless it doesn't mean they are awful. you could actually substitute these brushes for a different purpose. I guess i don't blame her, after all this was her first attempt to having her own brush line.
  • deluxe crease brush - is rather larger for my eyes and its better for blending or applying concealer.
  • pixel point eyeliner brush -  is definitely too large to use for gel eyeliner, however instead it can be used for detailed spot concealing. However i am aware that she has a new fine eyeliner brush coming out, which looks perfect for gel lining.
  • brow brush - is far too thick for my preference to be able to do my brows. i haven't yet found a purpose for this brush.
This is not a downside but i do prefer to use the contour brush as a blush brush and the foundation brush as contouring. Obviously the contouring brush can be used to contour i have tried this before and it works perfectly well. However i find that since the foundation brush is angled and thin it fits right under my cheek bones and works well to contour. Similarly since I'm quite petite the contour brush fits well on my cheek and since its fluffy it works nicely to blend out any harsh lines.
 the pointed foundation brush is a little to small and i feel as if it'd take forever to put on foundation with this so i suggest you to use the foundation brush instead since its perfect for it. the pointed foundation brush could be used for concealing under eye or around the nose. i currently use this brush to highlight.

all the other brushes in the sets seems to be fine and work well for their selected purposes. i guess they all do.
there were other separate brushes available which i decided to give a miss as I've seen reviews and they seem far too large for my face.

i am aware that currently Samantha has added a few new brushes to the set, which i definitely would give a try as soon as it hits UK.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars!

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