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Friday, 13 April 2012

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer


 Purchased from www.misebeauty.com for £36 in SX08. I've recently been hearing great reviews about this so i had to purchase this little beauty!
 Looking at the pot you'd think it isn't even worth the money however don't be fooled. Trust me when i say this... a little goes a long way! Honestly. Ive used mine a couple of times and there's still not even a dent in the product.

i literally tap the product for a second and that is enough to use for each part of my face. As you can see its a thick creamy texture. I use this in conjunction with my beauty blender to sheer it down and allow it to be applied on moistly since i do have dry skin. (Need i repeat this? I really do mention this a lot don't i? Lol sorry)

As you can see from the image this is clearly the wrong shade for me. Sighs, another product fail. (cries at the thought of wasting £36) I applied this right through my veins just to show how pigmented this is! And really this is just a dab of the product. You can see the product covered my veins fully!
I would say this is a medium to full coverage foundation, however it can be sheered down with a bit of moisturiser or a wet brush/sponge. This blends right into the skin and could also be doubled up as a concealer? Perfect 2 in 1 right.
This does have quite of an off smell which may bug some of yous but i find once its on the face the smell seems to fade. It smells like an Asian product or perfume (if your Asian you'll know what smell I'm talking about)

Rated 5 out of 5, maybe i would've sounded a little more enthusiastic if it were in my colour but this product really is holy grail material.

This shade is a little too golden for me instead of yellow toned.
Here's the colour shading to assist you, which is taken from the www.misebeauty.com blog. However do be careful when using this guideline as that's what i used and i purchased the wrong shade. As you can see the SX08 looks a lot lighter in the picture they took that what it looks like when i purchased it. Read the guidelines as opposed to the colour on the pictures, as the MAC guidelines are reliable and right! (what i should've done, then i wouldn't be stuck with the wrong shade >.<)

SX01: Slightly lighter than NC10 - Neutral Tone
SX02: NW15 (or slightly lighter) - This colour isn’t darker than SX01, it’s just a different tone - Pinky undertone
SX03: NC15
SX04: NW18 (or slightly lighter) - Neutral Tone
SX05: NC/NW 20 - Neutral Tone - Suitable for fair/Asian skin also
SX06: NW25 - Also suits Asian skin - Beige with no Peachy or Yellow tones
SX07: NC25 - Suitable for fair skin with Yellow undertones - Not as yellow as SX08 - Good match for light olive skin
SX08: NC30 - Strong Yellow Tone - Medium Shade
SX09: NW35-40 - Suitable for skin with pinkish undertones
SX10: NC40 - Yellowish Undertone
SX11: NC44 - Yellow Tone (not as yellow as SX08)
SX12: NC45
SX13: NW46
SX14: NW47
SX15: NW50
SX16: NW58


  1. Very helpful post! I can only order this online and can't try it in store. Glad to see the swatches and know the Mac shade! Thank you! - J, from Canada

    1. You're welcome, glad i could help! I had the same problem, be sure to type in the Kevyn Aucoin shade you think you are into google images to see a variety of swatches to ensure you purchase the right shade.

  2. this is seriously the best!!! i've been looking for a blog post showing equivalent MAC colours! thank you so much

  3. I’ve been eyeing the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer for a WHILE and I’m still at a dilemma with my shades, as it is IMPOSSIBLE to find the SSE, let alone other Kevyn Aucoin Face products, in Sydney.
    I’ve talked to several online beauty chats to beauticians and read countless reviews about comparing shades of the SSE to other foundation shades of other brands, some of which I own, most of which I don’t. I’ve looked all over for places which might provide samples but have failed to find one that does.
    I am a rather fair Australian born Korean, so naturally I have yellow undertones that leans SLIGHTLY neautral. I’ve been told I’m between a N(something) 10-20 (again im am not sure, would it be wise to get myself matched at a mac counter?). I own the Bourjois Healthy Mix serum in 52 Vanilla and it is a good match for me, evening out the darker skin tone of my forehead with my paler cheeks and neck. However I do notice a slight orange tint when it oxidises on my cheeks and it isn’t fully blended in, as i am looking for a tone that mostly matches my face to my neck, in which the only case that doesn’t naturally match (without makeup of course) is my forhead and slightly darker T-zone where there is some pigmentation). I also own the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser in porcelain, which was quite and the porcelain was quite light, not a ghostly lightness but a SLIGHTLY lighter sheen if you will, and honestly quite pink toned when I first swatched it but oxidised to a ever so slightly lighter version of my own skin tone, which I was very please with (although it is only a tinted moisturiser and not a foundation).
    I have a feeling I am either an sx02 or sx03 but not sure.
    I was wondering if you did know of places which could send the smallest of samples for colour matching since you seem to have plenty of shades?


    1. camerareadycosmetics.com sells samples of these - I've just bought some. annoying to pay for samples but better than paying full price and finding out it's the wrong shade!

  4. Great post! I have this in sx03 and sx04. 03 is described more or less accurately but 04 has quite strong yellow undertones. I have neutral-yellow skin tone (nc15) and sx04 is too yellow on me and too dark.

  5. I just discovered this product and called a reputable beauty store and asked them to match me up since this isn't a product i could try in the store. I gave them my info that i am a MAC NC45 in their consealer and they matched me up with SX08..... Well, you can just guess that it was waaayyyy tooo light. So thanks for the color swatch above.

  6. Hi I'm an nc44.5 in the studio fix fluid foundation. What colour would you recommend me from above sx11 or sx12?

  7. Hi guys! You can buy samples of this from camerareadycosmetics.com - this is what I have done to test my shade, as I am MAC NC42 but this shade isn't shown above - and I had heard some people say that they are NC42 and SX 11 is perfect, but according to the above it should be a bit too dark? Not sure but I am finding it really hard to get the right shade without a KA Aussie stockist!

  8. Hi
    If you were to repurchase agin what colour would you get?

  9. Thank you so much for the info!! I just ordered samples from the website mentioned above camerareadycosmetics.com So cool!! Can't wait to find my match =)