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Monday, 6 February 2012

MAC select moisturecover concealer


Every time i apply undereye concealer i find them all to be too drying, making my concealer looking cakey. No matter how much moisturiser or underye cream i use the concealer looks cakey and creases.
First things first, when a MAC artist tells you something is your colour but your gut tells you different, go with your gut! A mac artist gave me NW25 which was clearly darker than my foundation when you suppose to go a shade or two shades lighter than your foundation!! Ridiculous. Secondly MAC's NW is for cool skin tones and NC is for the warmer more coloured women. This can get confusing since it clearly W should mean warm right? anyway, enough about that she gave me NW25 when I'm clearly yellow based. So i went back and got a NC20 which is a perfect undereye concealer for me.
The concealer is:
  • moisturising
  • creamy
  • blendable
  • light - medium coverage
  • not at all cakey
However since i have fine lines i have noticed at the end of the day it can crease.

3 out of 5 stars!

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