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Friday, 13 April 2012

Loreal Lumi Base/Primer

This is like the drugstore dupe for MAC's strobe cream. I feel as though sometimes this works and other times i really cant see a difference to my skin. This give a subtle white glow to the skin. I'd choose to apply this mixed in with my foundation as opposed to applying it as a primer. It really doesn't do much as a primer, it doesn't really make the foundation last longer or give much of an luminosity. It seems to just rub of when your buffing or blending in your foundation. However i do use this as a highlighter and it seems to work quite well as that. It can be compared to benefits beam glow but a whiter version and this is more subtle and less shimmery.
This product is 'okay'. I wouldn't say its totally useless but i doubt id be repurchasing this as it doesn't really seem to be a staple within my make up kit nor a product which has a wow factor. 

 Rated 2.5 out of 5

update: i currently use this under my eye either apply it as a luminous base or mix it in with my concealer, the light reflective particles seem to brighten up my eye. (This is the way I'll use this product up, at least that way it doesn't go to waste)

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