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Friday, 13 April 2012

Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation

The product (top). Mixed a little with fingers (bottom)

This product really intrigued me as it seems like such fab technology. The way this works is that it comes out as white however it has these little beads in it which melt with the warmth of your skin and its suppose to adjust to your skin colour. Which is right. as you can see above it has clearly changed colour and adjusts quite close to my skin colour. Obviously i would've had to blend a little more and it'll adjust right to my skin colour and sort of vanish into the skin which would be quite hard to capture on camera. Therefore i had to capture this quite early into the process.
I purchased my one from eBay as its very difficult to get hold of this product in England. I really don't remember the exact price but it was about £35 including p&p. I got my one in light to medium. I believe there is also a fair to light and medium to tan. The fair to light would be more suitable for the fair pinky toned or porcelain skin types as the light to medium would look a little orange on your skin. And clearly the medium to tan would be suitable for those which a more tanned deeper skin types.
i haven't really come across any problems with applying this. It seems to work with all different techniques of application whether it be fingers or brush. However sometimes i do use a synthetic brush to get a fuller coverage. This has a light to medium build able coverage. It has a kind of oil type of fragrance (sorry i suck at describing fragrances >.<) however the smell does wear off. The finish is a satin natural skin like finish and does not look cakey at all. Since it has argan oil i feel as though its very moisturising and argan oil has many benefits to the skin which is another pro of this foundation. its like adding a bit of your skincare into your foundation, so no need to feel so guilty for wearing foundation as it is doing some good for your skin.  For those, oily types don't be scared of by the argan oil, you would definitely need to powder with this foundation but it shouldn't break you out. (ilikeweylie use to use this and she has oily skin and in fact it healed her skin rather than breaking her out)
This is perfect for those who have a hard time finding their right shade of foundation and are frustrated of trying one foundation after another (like myself). You clearly cant go wrong with this foundation.
Rated 5 out 5!


  1. Do you know of somewhere in the uk you can buy this? Their website does not ship to the uk

  2. as i mentioned in the blog i had to purchase mine from ebay since this is currently not available in the UK
    i suggest you keep checking both ebay and amazon for the josie maran foundation in your colour
    im sure you would definetley find it on ebay though :)