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Friday, 3 February 2012

Dermalogica clean start review

So roughly a year ago i broke out from really bad spots so i done my research and heard dermalogica is great for breakouts!
So i got the little starter pack of all the products. They all work well together to get rid of breakouts i must say but i'll recommend the whole set to someone who is prone to breakouts and has oily. Myself, i have normal to dry skin so if i were to use these products in conjunction on a regular basis my skin would dry out. But these two produts have really stood out for me! I use the bed time for breakouts in areas where theres loads of spots in one region or when you get them tiney pimples as this works for me and by the next morning the redness is gone and the spot is almost invisible. The reason why i dont use hit the spot is because it'd most probably dry that area of the skin which isnt necessary since its only small pimples.
However i'd use hit the spot for larger as in higher bumpier or them painful spots. This product is truly amazing! This has lasted me just about a year. Yes i did go back to repurchase. This is really a holy grail. Its not till it ran out did i really how much of a difference it makes (as cheesey as it sounds yes, its true). I cant cant explain in words how good this is. This is amazing, your suppose to apply this before moisturiser but i feel as though this rubs off if i were to apply it like that so i either apply it after moisturiser or after make up. Dont worry it dries clear!
If i were to apply it at night by mornibg it'd reduce the redness and it'd be a bit flatter. It says to appy every 6-8 hours however i apply every 4 hours for faster results. Believe me when i say this; the spot would be almost invisible by the next day (24 hours ofc, not overnight)! Amazing. I've tried other spot sticks from superdrug, neautrogena, garnier but they all take couple of days to dry out the spot even if i were to apply every 2-3hrs.
Sorry for the long ramble but you guys needed to know how much of a life saver these products are!

4-5 star rating!

The active ingredient in both these products is salicylic acid so you wanna be careful where you apply it. Make sure you avoid sensitive areas like the eye region.

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