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Friday, 3 February 2012

Bourjois healthy mix foundation and concealer review

Bourjois healthy mix foundation and concealer
I got both the foundation & concealer in no. 52

 It has: apricot for radiance
           melon for hydration
             apple for anti oxidant
       ginger for energy

These ingredients make the foundation smell so yummy and fruity. This may be unsuitable for those who are sensitive to fragrance but i wouldn't say its strong either because I'm never able to smell it however when someone comes up close to my face i.e my boyfriend his always saying my face smells like a baby, so fruity.

So I've heard this is comparable to the neautrogena healthy skin foundation which unfortunately isn't available in the UK (wipes a tear).

This is AMAZING for us drier girls out there. Its so moisturising and smooth. This is my current fave at the moment. I think I've found my holy grail foundation. This is exactly what my skin needs and what i was looking for in a foundation. It has a sheer dewy-satin finish and applies on really smoothly. I would say this is light coverage maybe if you wanted you could build the coverage to medium. I have the original formula however i have seen the gel based formula in store which would be more suitable for those who have an oily skin type. Additionally, one thing i noticed about the foundation is that you must let it set before taking flash pictures. I have no idea why but I've realised this about most foundations. Immediately after i applied this i took a flash picture to see if it shows a white cast and it look two shades lighter than my skin tone! I almost returned this, however i gave this foundation another try and took a picture later during the day and it looked like a perfect match. I wear this almost everyday now. The foundation says to have up to 16 hrs of wear but i wouldn't know since i only wear my make up till about 8-9 hours max & i don't powder my foundation since i have dry skin so i don't need to. So i cant comment much on the lasting power.

The concealer is clearly a thicker consistency however i wouldn't say this is full coverage. Its a light - medium coverage. I'm not so impressed with the concealer i mean yeah its great but theres no wow factor about it, not saying theres a fault with it. Its clearly down to preference.

Both these products are not heavy & easily blend able. Perfect combination if you ask me. xD

quick little update* -  As i've written above the gel formula is for oily types. however ive been mistaken, the gel formula is actually suited better for drier skin types where as the original formula is for oily to combination skin types but be sure to set with powder otherwise it would transfer

myself i dont see much of a huge difference between the two formulas. But i do agree the gel formula is a little more hydrating.


  1. I finally found a seller that would ship to the U.S. for a reasonable price & just got the Serum version. I'm loving it though I did the same and snapped a flash photo right away and it looked too light for my skin. I will try taking one again when it's been sitting for a while. Great review! x

  2. thank you for the lovely commment!