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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

TRESemme Dry Shampoo Review

So i decided to get this dry shampoo for a holiday when i went abroad in the summer. I don't trust the water over there so i definitely will limit the amount of times i wash my hair over there. That's where this dry shampoo comes handy.
I was very skeptical to try this as i heard it can leave white dandruff like dust powder everywhere. However i followed the instructions exactly and i found this actually works!

- Volumising Dry Shampoo
- Removed oil & boots body
- Lemongrass formula refreshes hair

How I Use It
I spray it into my hair, let it set for amount a min or so then i just work my fingers into the roots and ruffle my hair. If there's any whitish grey patches left, which happen when you spray to close to the hair i just spray a bit of water of it and it vanishes.

Obviously like any dry shampoo its going to add volume. Newly washed hair is always more voluminous than weighed down greasy hair. So this dry shampoo ticks that box.
It has a fresh fragrance to it which i find not so overpowering so it should be okay for those non fragrance freaks. ^_^

It removes oil and leaves the hair clean, fresh and bouncier. There really is nothing more to say, its a dry shampoo & it does its job!

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