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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Skin79 Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream Review

I had seen a YouTube guru use this product and i found it very intriguing. this is the first BB cream i tried out. I purchased my one from eBay for a bargain as the one from yesstyle.co.uk was a little too much including the P&P.

- Wrinkle improvement
- Whitening
- UV interception SPF 37+

Like any Asian BB cream the colour range is SH*T. They tend to have about a few shades of each BB cream. This particular one currently comes in one shade nevertheless knowing me i was very keen to try it. the BB cream itself is a couple shades lighter than my skin tone, however what i realised was its very blendable. in other words i was able to sheer it out to make it match my skin tone. it comes off as a bit grayish at first but after it oxidises it seems to match my shade.

Its very sheer, i would say it had no coverage at all. all it seems to do its moisturises and evens out the skin tone. it has a lovely floral smell to it which i never realised till i smelt the product myself. its blends in perfectly and leaves the skin feeling very smooth.

I don't really any wrinkles so i cant say much about that but i have noticed a lightening effect on my skin. recently my cheeks have been more lighter than my chin and forehead. this is the only product i can say justifies the cause of this. over the winter period my skin can get very dry in the t-zone so i stopped applying any BB cream in this area as i noticed it only shows my dry patches more so i stopped using it in those areas. So this could be the only reason to justify why my cheeks have been lighter. So i can say the whitening effect does work. However i cant say whethter it lightens scars, i shall try that and let yous' know soon!

+ Whitens
+ SPF 37+
+ Very blendable
+ Lovely fragrance
+ Lightweight

- No colour range
- No coverage
- Hard to control the pump

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