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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Maybelline Forever Strong Professional Nail Varnish Review

I will apply this on my nails & apply a picture very shortly.

- Lasts up to 7 days wear

So i was at boots and as usual they had their 3for2 offer so i got this nail varnish for free. I'll be honest if i saw this on the shelves i wouldnt have bought it but since it was for free i thought why not. i have this in '05 Extreme blackcurrant'. The first time i applied this was on my toe nails as that evening i was wearing peak toed heels. To my suprise this varnish is actually really great. It is quite pigmented for a drugstore product.You can get a full coverage of colour with just one even coat. Obviously if you want to be extra sure you can go the extra mile and do a second but with the polish i see you dont have to. Its also not streaky at all!
Although this is not one of the claims but i noticed it dried extremely fast. I wasnt sitting there for 5mins waiting for it to dry. As good as it seems i dont think it lasts up to 7days. My one chipped within a couple of days although i didnt use a top coat.

+ Very pigmented
+ Dries fast
+ Non streaky

- False claims doesnt last up to 7days however maybe with top coat it does last. Dont quote me on this though. Im going to give this another shot and see how long it lasts.

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