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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Maybelline Illegal Length VS. Loreal False Lash Telescopic

Keep in mind both these mascaras are waterproof

my lashes naturally

these are my lashes naturally, they are naturally pin straight :(
the left (my right) looks slightly curled since i had mascara already on prior to the blog post so my curl from before stayed a little

my lashes curled

final result of both mascaras.
Maybelline Illegal Length on the left (my right) &
Loreal False Lash Telescopic on the right (my left)

stages of mascara as i built on the coats >.<
as you can see from the above picture the first coat is vital since it determines what the final result would look like. as you can tell with coats it does build volume without getting so clumpy however it is quite difficult to build length from coat to coat. don't get me wrong i mean compared to your natural lashes it does give length however unlike other mascaras where you are able to build length and volume with every coat with this after the initial first application of the fibre mascara its becomes difficult to build length. however both these lashes definitely define each lash and ensure that every single lash is being coated with mascara.

Maybelline Illegal Length

i hope you can see the different fibres going across the mascara wand 

* great for volume
* fairly good at separating the lashes
* keeps the curl and in fact improves the curl of the lashes (look at side pic below)

- VERY easy to clump so you must be careful and if you do get any clumping you have to work with it a bit more than an average mascara
- the fibres are visible on the brush which i guess is a good thing however it is very to get the fibres into your eyes. This has happened to me a couple of times and is god damn hurtful i tell ya! if you've ever had those annoying pieces of wool in your eyes which are so painful and are hella hard to find and take out of your eyes since they're such lil suckers. yes, well its EXACTLY like that.
- does not coat every single lash with fibres so basicly you end up with uneven looking lashes where some have increased more in length than others (look at side pic below)
- a much thicker consistency compared to the loreal, maybe because its a waterproof formulation even then its a little too drying for my liking. since its more drying it means its a harder to work with and requires more time and patience. (not my friend when im rushing in the morning). i also find that this is the reason why the mascara is more prone to clumping.

this is what one fibre from the  Maybelline one looks like. i guess your thinking wow that  will increase my lash length by loads. but  be aware that half of this will actually have to sit on your lashes so your lashes would only increase by half the size.

What the maybelline one looks like from the side
as you  can see the  areas at the top where  the lashes are very thin and not so  thick these are the fibres. as you can tell not every lash gets coated in fibres so  you end up with some lashes that are longer than others and  dont even bother trying  to coat every single lash with fibres by twistings and turning the wand in all sorts of awkward positions (TRUST ME, i have tried); you would just end up with clumpy lashes. just coat your lashes how you would with  any ordinary mascara (the zigzag movement). its the  simplest things in life that make a difference.

Loreal False Lash Telescopic

im not sure if you can see it properly (i did try my best) but the mascara is a sort of a rectangular shape rather than the conventional round types. also the brushes on the mascara wand are place at either end and the middle of the wand is almost like a tummy and is flat.
my theory is that the tummy is used to brush against the lashes to coat the mascara and add volume and the brush side is used to coat the mascara but also add length or seperate the lashes.

* great for seperation
* fairly good at lengthening
* can be used for volumising too

- have no clue as to whether the mascara is actually working or not in terms of fibre. i just see normal mascara formulation on the wand and no fibres. 
- a wetter consistency so can sometimes drop your curl if you dont curl properly (even though its waterproof, i dread to think how wet the real formulation is). its not so bad i guess but it just doesnt curl your lashes more just instead coats it straight up. compare side pic from maybelline (above) to loreal side pic (below) and you can see the maybelline one the lashes at the top curl more in where as the loreal one is curled at the root of the lashes and kind of go straight up.
this is final result of the loreal lashes 

waterproof? since the loreal formualtion is a little wetter i find that with the mascara the curl doesnt last as long when in contact with water. Obviously minor raindrops would make a difference but if you were to heavily cry or splash water on your face the curl tends to drop.

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